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1. Session Measuring & Testing Protocols


Each client session requires emotional and psychological before and after measuring and testing in order to accurately determine the clients emotional state and what elements/issues require the most attention. The ability to prioritize these effectively and reflect the rational back to the clients is also critical.

This module will enable you to:
effectively determine and assess the client’s emotional state of health using the SDH session testing program.
agree a clear and reasonable objective for the client, to be achieved in the session.
prioritise which areas need the most attention and how to analyse the issues so that you can understand them and approach them using meaningful and constructive method.
retest at the end of the session so that the client and yourself have complete clarity on the success of the session as the improvements have been measured and tracked.

2. Emotional Consciousness Training


Learn how to use the powerful tools for self reflection created by Inspirited to help clients identify their own state of emotional consciousness. This process enables you to empower your clients so that they can start to learn how to identify their own mental blocks. This work helps to create the motivation within them to be willing to change their perception so that they can a life with much less limitation. This part of the training teaches you how to shift your clients thoughts the way they see their own life experiences and themselves. This work is critical for healing and it ensures that your clients conscious mind gives permission for their subconscious mind to release the limiting belief systems it holds so that you can complete your healing work with ease. In this section you will learn the “mirror concept” and how to teach a client deep and transformative self awareness

3. Connecting The Dots - How to identify limiting belief systems effectively


Learn how to accurately and quickly diagnose the core limiting beliefs that your client is holding both consciously and unconsciously so that you can help them create a powerful and profound shift. Unlocking the limiting beliefs on a conscious level speeds up the overall healing process and ensures the shifts sustain over time because they have been consciously processed by the client, hence they have been SELF DIRECTED.
This process creates a powerful alignment between heart and mind for your client.

4. Inner Child SDH Component – Healing the past


Learn how to deliver SDH Inner child emotional release techniques that have been designed for fast and deep childhood emotional healing. This process enables and actualizes the process of self love and forgiveness and begins to unlock human potential at the core of the clients awareness. This form of inner child healing is unique to any other because the client is able to heal the past not only through the mental and emotional functions but also through the physical body. The results of this type of healing are deep and lasting. Your clients will feel the shift in perception through their whole being.

5. Emotional Release Training


Learn the SDH release technique that enables the client to quickly release repressed emotion that has been in the subconscious and the physical body for years, enabling both physical and emotional healing. This process is perfect for the clients first session as the emotional release is so powerful that they reach a state of emotional balance that prepares them for the healing journey that will follow. When a client has reached a level of balance it is much easier to assist them in removing the limiting beliefs that they are holding onto because heavy emotion is no longer affecting their perception. A level of mental clarity is reached and the healing process becomes much fast as a result.

6. Empathy and Clairsentients Training


This training enables you to sit in clients energy empathically so you can feel what they are feeling and identify where the blocked energy in their body is stored. This process means you will be able to guide the client to move the energy and emotion easily out of the body by having a clear awareness of where it is and what level it is at by feeling it yourself. This is a very powerful healing process that accelerates your ability to release the client from what’s holding them back. Learning how to work with clients energy systems creates powerful healing for the body and the mind. The SDH process combines this powerful healing process with mental and emotional release work to create a profound and lasting healing for clients. The results can be seen clearly after only one healing session.

7. How To Accelerate Trauma Processing


Learn how to release clients with a history of trauma from emotional pain and belief systems created as a result of the trauma. The SDH process enables you to guide them through the process rapidly so that they can be freed from the trauma very quickly. Enabling them to free of the pain they have been carrying since the trauma incurred. This process is effective on all kinds of trauma and has been proven to work for sexual abuse, physical, mental and emotional abuse, trauma that has resulted in mental illness, trauma as a result of loss including death. There is no limit on what the process can assist with in terms of trauma as it accesses the emotional pain that the trauma has caused and releases it out of the body as well and the mind and heart.

8. Addiction Release


Learn how to release your clients from addiction by identifying the root cause of the addiction and taking them through the craving process in the physical body to release trapped pain memory/craving from the body.This process enables deep healing of the events, feelings and limiting belief systems that caused the addiction in the client. Being able to diagnose, release and repair the originating cause easily and quickly means your client can be free from addiction without medical intervention and long lasting physical suffering.

9. Past Event Emotional Release


Learn how to incorporate the SDH process with past event/past life events so that the client releases the emotions held in the body and consciousness as a result of the past events as well as the cognitive belief systems created the event.
This therapy is gentle on the client and enables them to quickly identify past events that created negative belief systems themselves. This process is empowering for your clients and powerful as they get to learn how to heal themselves using their own intuition. Having a clear conscious understanding of why they think and feel the way they do, readies the body and mind for clearing the deep emotions that are being held in the body as a result of their past experiences.

10. Quantum Shift Training


Using SDH tools this process teaches you how to take the client into the states of joy and peace during a session, demonstrating to them what is possible for them emotionally and enabling them to dramatically shift their perceptions of themselves and their lives so that they can become happier and more resolved within themselves.
This process enables the client to experience a higher state of consciousness than they have before, opening them to a new and more powerful understanding of what is possible for them.
This process is most effective after the client has been through the majority of their trauma and emotional healing. During the quantum shift healing process many clients experience spontaneous healing in the physical body of ailments and illnesses.

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