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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is the training for? 

Self Directed Healing Practitioner Training is for anyone who wants to start a career in healing or advance your healing skills in your professional wellness career. It is also for anyone who wants to dive deep into your own self-healing so that you can heal yourself and/or those around you. 


How long has Self Directed Healing been around for?

Inspirited Solutions PTY LTD was founded in Australia in 2011. Self Directed Healing was created by Claire Besley the CEO and Founder of Inspirited Solutions. Inspirited Solutions has been training SDH Practitioners for more than 5 years now. Inspirited has been running SDH sessions on clients for more than 7 years now.


What does this course qualify you to do? 

This course certifies that you have completed the Self Directed Healing practitioner training. You receive your certification after you have completed your 10 practice sessions and had them assessed and approved by Inspirited Solutions. Once you received the certificate all you need to do is get your insurance, and then you can start practising professionally. 


What prerequisites are needed to do the training? 

There are no prerequisites needed however we advise that if you are naturally empathetic and a good listener then this training is better suited to you. If you are uncomfortable with people being emotional or experiencing emotional pain then we would not recommend you do this training.


What is the cost of the training? 

The current cost of the training is $3990 AUD however this is subject to change based on the policies of Inspirited Solutions PTY LTD.


What are the next dates of training? 

See the next course dates.

How long is the training?

The training runs for 3 days and 8.5 hours each day with a total of 50 hours including practice sessions done in your own time. Remember to check your time zone to ensure you have the right date and times for your location.

In order to receive certification, you are also required to practice and submit 10 practice sessions to the Inspirited Solutions student portal within three months so we can coach and guide you to become the best practitioner possible. The approx. total training time including practice sessions is 50 hours.


How can we learn the whole process in only 3 days?

Inspirited Solutions has spent 10 years developing and refining the SDH process so that it's simple, measurable, repeatable, and teachable. We have worked hard to get the process to the point where it can be learned in three days because the process of Self Directed Healing is needed in our communities now. Many people around the world are in desperate need of your help now so that they can heal, not tomorrow but today. We don’t want you to spend any more time learning than you have to so that you can get out there and help others using SDH as soon as possible. Our goal is for you to finish the training feeling as confident and competent at SDH as possible

Does the training ever go over time?

Yes, Self Directed Healing sessions do not always run to time as we cannot always predict how long it will take people to process. Please allow an extra 30 mins at the end of each day in case we run overtime. However, our trainers are very professional and do their best to stick to the agreed training times.

What if I cannot find anyone to practice on? 

Inspirited has a dedicated Facebook group with members from all over the world who are available for practice sessions. All you need to do is join the group and post that you are needing volunteers.


Do you offer interest-free finance for international enrolments?

No, at this stage we are unable to, however, watch this space as we are working on it.


Do you offer interest-free finance for Australian Citizens? 

Yes, we offer interest-free options through both Humm finance and Open pay. Humm finance is 0% deposit and 0% interest, you must have a current Australian driver’s license and be employed at least 25 hours a well to qualify (subject to terms and conditions.) There is no credit check. Payments are broken into 24 fortnightly payments over 12 months. Openpay is available regardless of employment status and requires a 10% deposit and a credit check. It is also paid in fortnightly instalments over 12 months.


Do you have a preferred insurance supplier in Australia? 

Yes, Self Directed Healing is recognized as a modality by the ICCT and IME. You will have access to our partners once you have completed the training.

Do you have a preferred Insurance supplier in the USA? 

Not at this stage, we are working on it. However, Self Directed Healing can fall under a combination of Coaching, breathwork, and meditation modalities.

Is this course accredited? 

This course is internationally recognised by the IICT: International Institution of Complimentary Therapists.

Can I attend Self Directed Practitioner Training in person? 

No, as of 2020 all training is undertaken online in a live environment. Learning online is more beneficial because once you are certified SDH enables you to have clients online, so learning online means you are better prepared for online clients.

How many participants are in the training?

Between 10 and 20 students are in each training session. This is subject to change based on the policies of Inspirited Solutions. During the training, you are fully supported by our senior trainer and our inspirited crew.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you choose to cancel the training after it has been paid for you will not be entitled to a refund. If you need to postpone your training to a different date a minimum of two weeks' notice is required and there will be an admin fee of $300 AUD to change training dates.


What is the refund policy?

Inspirited has a strict no refund policy. Dates can be changed but no refunds will be provided.



Is the training recorded so I can watch it later? 

No, all training is confidential given the sensitive nature of the training to protect the privacy of all the students.


Do I need to be online for the whole 3 days? 

Yes, you will not be eligible for certification if you have not been in attendance for the full three days of training.


What video conferencing platform is the training done on?

Training is conducted via zoom. 

How do I get my training materials?

They will be sent to your postal address via post before your scheduled training dates.


What learning materials do we use in the training?

Inspirited Solutions will send you out a very thorough set of manuals in the mail so that all the important learning information you need will be at your fingertips during training. We also provide laminated copies of our IP for you to use with future clients. 


Do I get my own healing?

Yes, at Inspirited we have a philosophy that you should not do SDH on anyone unless you have first experienced it yourself. Everyone who attends the training receives their own personal healing by a qualified Inspirited Practitioner.


What if I am not healed myself, can I still do it?

Yes, as you are being trained, you experience a full healing yourself from a registered practitioner and you practice on others so that you receive lots of your own personal healing.


Do I get ongoing support?

Yes, we provide you with free access to our private Facebook Practitioner group where you can ask the trainers and mentors questions as well as share your wins and challenges with all the other practitioners. It’s a great resource and a wonderful way to connect with other practitioners around the world. We also provide a fortnightly free online Meetup group run by our mentors so that you can watch a live healing by a practitioner and learn more every time.

We also provide a student portal with resources, documents, and videos to help you on your practitioner journey.

Is further training available?

Yes, we offer Group healing training several times a year so that you can learn how to do SDH in groups. This is A Great way to attract clients and grow your SDH business more quickly. Mentoring and healing services are also available and can be booked through our online booking system.  

Book a healing or mentoring.

What other services do you offer to help me grow my SDH Business?

Once you are ready to launch your business we have various packages available for website building and marketing strategy planning. You will be provided with this information at the completion of training,


Do you help me with promoting myself as a practitioner?

Yes, once you are a certified practitioner you have the option to be listed on our practitioner directory so that people who come to the SDH website can find you

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