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The Power Of Self Directed Healing


Life doesn't come with a handbook, and we often go through this journey completely ignoring the signs. Why are we so afraid to feel yet get so caught up in our thoughts? What does it really mean to be emotionally healthy? Why does living an abundant life, free from anxiety and depression, feel like such a foreign way of life? Are positive affirmations not working? Are you finding yourself in one "toxic relationship" after the other? Despite all your attempts to "manifest the life of your dreams" are you feeling unfulfilled? We have the answer.... The only way out, is through, so let us take you through.... In this exclusive online short course, you will be introduced to the globally recognised modality Self Directed Healing. You will start the journey by learning some of its most powerful techniques and be given the tools so you can live a life where you actually get to be HAPPY! 6 Powerful Modules Of Self Discovery & Insight Interactive Activities including bonus worksheets



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