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Discover the success you have been dreaming of with your clients. Enjoy delivering results that are powerful and fast. The new era of healing has begun! Become part of the revolution with this innovative and simple Self Directed Healing (SDH) process created by Claire Besley.


Claire Besley
CEO & Founder Inspirited Solutions & Self Directed Healing

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Inspirited Solutions is on a mission to raise awareness about the importance of emotional health and its impacts on the mind and body.
The unique Self Directed Healing process has been taught in educational and corporate workplaces Australia-wide and has rapidly spread across the globe to empower people of all ages and walks of life to step into their true potential.
Claire and her team conduct hundreds of one on one consults across the country and internationally each year with new practitioners being trained up monthly to accommodate the growing demand. SDH is now delivered in more than 7 languages.

An Introduction to SDH

"Self Directed Healing will make talk therapy obsolete its revolutionary."
-Stef Cirramon

What is Self Directed Healing?

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Self Directed Healing is a revolutionary healing modality, that simultaneously works on all aspects of a person's being causing powerful and transformational results.
A simple, fast and measurable process that identifies the root cause and shifts deep blocks that enables one to achieve and sustain emotional health and wellbeing. 
This modality releases deep emotional pain and limiting beliefs energetically through the physical body and the conscious mind.
SDH is the most rapid form of healing in the modern world.

Why Choose Self Directed Healing Practitioner Training?

During this course will learn how to help others realise their potential, let go of limitations and HEAL THEMSELVES.
Self Directed Healing is the latest and most effective way to help clients step into the best version of themselves FAST.

There is NO hands-on healing or muscle testing required. SDH shifts the negative belief systems and uncomfortable emotions on ALL levels, mental emotional and physical. Your clients will actually LEARN to FEEL their emotions and understand how to identify where they came from and why. Your clients will gain deep self-awareness and sense of purpose.
SDH is taking healing to the mainstream, it's logical, easy to practice and the results are revolutionary.

SDH is the ONLY healing process that empowers your clients to Heal Themselves. After you have helped them through the deepest blocks they get to leave with the skills and tools to keep healing. 
This course is for you if...
  • You want to start a new career and have no experience
  • You are an alternative health practitioner or coach who wants to upskill and improve clients' results immensely.
  • You want to have clients all over the world
  • You are a naturally empathetic and compassionate person.
  • You have a desire to help others and have an impact on mental health and wellbeing
  • You want a process that can be practised from anywhere in the world.
Life-changing! I was introduced to Inspirited and SDH by a friend who, as a practitioner of SDH offered healing. The shifts in emotional blockages and pain were seismic, the relief was immediate and most wonderfully I found myself full of joy. I have worked for many years in a well-intentioned health care system that, despite highly skilled clinicians, very rarely can meet the emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the people they care for. All the while knowing emotional trauma, blockages and mindsets are perhaps the most important part of the management of chronic disease and pain. Finally, I have found a practical and effective healing modality that is now part of my own healing journey and one I want to share with others!
- Molly
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SDH Practitioners see profound results in their clients in the following areas.


Depression & Anxiety




Peak Performance



Personal Development

Self Sabotage


Self Directed Healing Training Modules

1. Session Measuring & Testing Protocols

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Each client session requires emotional and psychological before and after measuring and testing in order to accurately determine the clients emotional state and what elements/issues require the most attention. The ability to prioritize these effectively and reflect the rational back to the clients is also critical.

This module will enable you to:
effectively determine and assess the client’s emotional state of health using the SDH session testing program.
agree a clear and reasonable objective for the client, to be achieved in the session.
prioritise which areas need the most attention and how to analyse the issues so that you can understand them and approach them using meaningful and constructive method.
retest at the end of the session so that the client and yourself have complete clarity on the success of the session as the improvements have been measured and tracked.

3. Connecting The Dots - How to identify limiting belief systems effectively

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Learn how to accurately and quickly diagnose the core limiting beliefs that your client is holding both consciously and unconsciously so that you can help them create a powerful and profound shift. Unlocking the limiting beliefs on a conscious level speeds up the overall healing process and ensures the shifts sustain over time because they have been consciously processed by the client, hence they have been SELF DIRECTED.
This process creates a powerful alignment between heart and mind for your client.

5. Emotional Release Training

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Learn the SDH release technique that enables the client to quickly release repressed emotion that has been in the subconscious and the physical body for years, enabling both physical and emotional healing. This process is perfect for the clients first session as the emotional release is so powerful that they reach a state of emotional balance that prepares them for the healing journey that will follow. When a client has reached a level of balance it is much easier to assist them in removing the limiting beliefs that they are holding onto because heavy emotion is no longer affecting their perception. A level of mental clarity is reached and the healing process becomes much fast as a result.

7. How To Accelerate Trauma Processing

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Learn how to release clients with a history of trauma from emotional pain and belief systems created as a result of the trauma. The SDH process enables you to guide them through the process rapidly so that they can be freed from the trauma very quickly. Enabling them to free of the pain they have been carrying since the trauma incurred. This process is effective on all kinds of trauma and has been proven to work for sexual abuse, physical, mental and emotional abuse, trauma that has resulted in mental illness, trauma as a result of loss including death. There is no limit on what the process can assist with in terms of trauma as it accesses the emotional pain that the trauma has caused and releases it out of the body as well and the mind and heart.

9. Past Event Emotional Release